Hotel 't Gemeentehuis

Hotel 't Gemeentehuis is a small hotel with 17 rooms, located in the beautiful center of Bedum. 
The hotel has a rich history of almost 200 years old. 
Until 1928 it was the town hall of Bedum.
 When the town hall moved to the other side, it became a hotel with a large hall, where many people 
from the area were married.
 In 2007 the entire upper room disappeared and it became 17 modern hotel rooms and we only have 3 more rooms 
suitable for parties up to 100 people, meetings, dinners.

In the restaurant we have room for up to 50 people. 
In 2017, the restaurant was converted into a restaurant that fits the building of almost 200 years old,
 but in a modern way. 
It is a warm, cozy restaurant, in living room style. 
This is how we deal with our guests. We let them feel at home.

In the summer we have a beautiful terrace with 40 seats.
 A nice terrace in the middle of the center, but if you are there you notice 
little of the crowds and you imagine yourself a little on vacation, through the beautiful 
flowers that protect the terrace from the crowds.

The restaurant is open for lunch which we serve from Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 17.00. 
With lunch we serve bouncers, 
sandwich croquettes, but also tasty salads and various other luxury sandwiches.

Dinner is daily from 17:00 to 21:00.
 Here we have a wide range of delicious saté or schnitzel to delicious tournedos, 
something for everyone. 
We also receive groups in the restaurant or in one of our rooms. 
For groups from 20 people we have different buffets.
 From stew buffet to a luxurious buffet.